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Colorado Criminal Defense Blog

Are juvenile drug charges an automatic jail sentence?

As the mother of a troubled teen, you likely want to make the best decisions for your child. When he or she faces arrest on juvenile drug charges, finding the right path to follow may be vital. Rather than accept that your teen could potentially face jail time if convicted, you may wish to find legal routes that could potentially help you seek alternative action.

Rehab as an alternative

Because drug addictions are often a symptom of other underlying issues, addressing those issues may need to take [..]

“Pirate” Marijuana Grows in Colorado

The growth, use and regulation of marijuana currently resides in a grey zone in the United States.With some marijuana use being legal in the state of Colorado but still illegal federally, the law in this area can get confusing. In Colorado, a person over the age of 21 may grow up to six plants for personal use (with no more than three mature plants at a time). However, growing any more than this is illegal and comes with varying punishments in relation to the number of plants. [..]

A Legal Guide to Subpoenas and Contempt of Court

As criminal defense attorneys in Colorado, we are often asked about witness related issues. Our most common question – “I’m a witness for a domestic violence case, do I have to testify?” The vague and simple answer is, it depends.

This answer becomes “yes” if you are personally served a subpoena. A subpoena is a court order that compels you to be at a certain place at a particular date and time, as listed on the subpoena. Below is a list of the numerous elements required for [..]

Juveniles now make up almost half of Colorado marijuana arrests

Juveniles under age 18 now account for a much higher proportion of those arrested for marijuana possession than before legalization, according to a March 2016 report by the Colorado Department of Public Safety. Here are some of the report’s findings related to juveniles marijuana arrests:


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