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Can Additional Charges Be Added in Court?

Criminal cases can be incredibly stressful, especially for first-time offenders, and being formally charged with a crime can feel like the end of the world. But are prosecutors able to add or change charges before a person goes to trial? Can the charges be changed while the trial is ongoing?

Understanding how criminal charges work and how prosecutors can modify them is crucial in any criminal case. Luckily, Denver criminal defense attorney Jeff Weeden is here to help those accused of a crime understand all of the [..]

Creating Reasonable Doubt in Colorado

In Colorado criminal law, a criminal defendant is presumed innocent until the prosecuting attorney can prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt for the crime charged. While you often tend to hear these phrases on legal television shows, you may still wonder what they actually mean. 

In this blog post, the knowledgeable criminal defense attorneys from WeedenLaw explain reasonable doubt and how our law firm can help establish it during your criminal case. If you’re facing a criminal conviction, contact Denver criminal defense lawyer Jeff Weeden at (720) [..]

How Long is the Statute of Limitations for Crimes in Colorado?

As residents of Colorado, it’s essential to understand the legal system, especially when it comes to the state’s criminal statute of limitations. Colorado’s statute of limitations is a crucial aspect of our criminal justice system, as it determines the timeframe in which charges can be filed against a person for a particular offense. As you might imagine, this knowledge can be invaluable when dealing with legal matters.

In this blog post, our Denver criminal defense attorneys at WeedenLaw delve into Colorado’s criminal statute of limitations for a [..]

Are Polygraphs Admissible in Court in Colorado?

The Role of Polygraph Tests in Denver, Colorado

Colorado criminal defense attorney Jeff Weeden understands the pivotal role that polygraph tests can play in legal proceedings. The admissibility of polygraph examination results in Colorado’s courts and criminal investigations is a matter of significance and complexity.

At WeedenLaw, our dedicated team of seasoned criminal defense lawyers recognizes that while polygraph tests are employed as tools for truth verification, their admissibility remains contingent upon a range of factors, with the most important being the courts’ evaluation of their reliability [..]