When Facing Denver Criminal Charges, You Need Someone Who Gets Results

Best Denver Criminal Defense Attorney

How do you know if a defense attorney is any good?

Most lawyers offer up all kinds of information on their sites designed to convince you that they are the right choice. They talk up the prestigious law school they graduated from. They list awards and recognition that they have received. They share testimonials from satisfied clients. They detail their knowledge about specific areas of criminal law to show you that they know what they are doing.

All of these things are important and should definitely play a role in who you pick. After all, they help you form a more complete picture of the person you are entrusting with your future. Jeff Weeden understands this, so he strives to fill his website with everything potential clients could potentially need to make this most important decision.

None of it matters without success in one specific area though: results. In the end, you want a lawyer on your side with a proven track record of getting charges reduced, dropped, or dismissed. Or, if you end up going to trial, with finding ways to avoid a guilty verdict.

This is always Mr. Weeden’s focus. You can see how successful he has been at achieving it for clients below. Read over some of those results, then start fighting for your future by sending over our online contact form or giving us a call at 720-307-4330.