A Denver Criminal Lawyer Defending Robbery Charges

Maybe the situation went beyond your control. Or you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Perhaps you trusted someone that you should not have trusted and now you are paying the price. There are all kinds of reasons why someone in Colorado might find themselves facing a robbery charge. If you are in this position, it is absolutely vital to your future that you mount the strongest possible defense – and that you do it with the assistance of an experienced Denver defense attorney who has successfully handled cases like these before.


Because the first thing that the police and prosecutor are going to attempt to do is convince you to take a plea deal and admit your guilt by scaring you with the consequences if you do not. Depending on the actual robbery offense you are facing, you could end up going to prison for anywhere from six to 24 years and paying fines from $500,000 to $1 million.

Even if you do not scare easily, those are numbers that could frighten anyone. Especially if law enforcement officials succeed in their attempts to convince you that you have no chance to beat your charges. That they have got you dead to rights. That if you do not accept their plea deal – right then – your life is effectively over.

Denver robbery defense attorney Jeff Weeden understands how scary those penalties sound. What he also knows, though, is that there are all kinds of ways to battle accusations and get your charges and consequences reduced, or even altogether dropped or dismissed – something he has been able to accomplish for many clients just like you.

When you work with him, he will always put your needs and desires first, because he knows that it is your life and future on the line – and that is not something to play with.

Types of Robbery

All robberies follow the definition given above – knowingly taking another’s property through the use of force, threats, or intimidation. However, what is taken and how it is taken can drastically impact the specific charges you face.

For example, a simple robbery becomes aggravated if:

  • You are armed and
    • intend to use the weapon if resisted, or
    • you use or threaten to use the weapon.
  • You are working with someone else who has a weapon.
  • You tell the victim you are armed or possess an item crafted to make them believe you are armed.
  • You steal a controlled substance from a pharmacy or another individual or place lawfully possessing that substance.

That last one is actually a specific charge called aggravated robbery of a controlled substance and comes with the most severe robbery penalties in our state – up to 24 years in prison and $1 million in fines.

Defense Strategies for Robbery Charges

One of the most important things to remember is that the prosecution has to prove your guilt. All you have to do is create a reasonable doubt that you are not guilty.

There are a number of strategies that Mr. Weeden has used to do just that in past robbery cases he has taken on, including:

Mistaken identity. Were you picked out of a lineup? Or arrested because video surveillance shows someone who looks like you? You may be able to use a defense arguing that you are being confused with the real culprit. This can be a particularly strong strategy if combined with the following one.

Alibi. If the robbery occurred at 3:45 on Tuesday and you can provide evidence showing that you were somewhere else at the time, that is a strong argument that you could not have committed the crime. Alibis tend to be stronger if you were present in a visible, public place or if there is some kind of clear record of your attendance.

“True Owner” Defense. The charge of robbery hinges on knowingly taking another’s property from them by force, threats, or intimidation. What if you genuinely believed that the item in question was yours, though? For example, what if you left your smartphone in the bathroom at a party. Then, when you saw someone at the party using it later, you confronted them and snatched it back… except in actuality it was their phone. If charges are pressed, you could use this argument to mitigate the consequences against you.

There are other possible strategies, including duress, entrapment, and more. Which one is right for you will depend upon the specific circumstances of your case and what charges you are facing.

Robbery Defense Attorney: What Jeff Weeden Can Do For You

Jeff Weeden has been a practicing criminal defense attorney since 2005, and he understands both how cops and prosecutors work in general and what kinds of strategies work best in Colorado robbery cases.

Where law enforcement officials are concerned, Mr. Weeden’s first goal if you hire him quickly enough will be to make sure he is present for any meetings or interviews you participate in with police or prosecutors.

Why? Because their job is to make sure you are convicted, and they have a lot of leeway to successfully complete that job. They do not even have to tell you the truth in most cases. All that matters is what they are able to get you to say or do that they can use against you.

If robbery defense attorney Jeff Weeden is able to sit in with you on these interviews and interrogations, he will both be able to guide you in what you should say and do and watch carefully to make sure that procedures are followed and your rights are not violated.

Moreover, he can tell you whether or not he believes you are being presented with a good deal if a plea is offered – or if you are likely to receive a better outcome by continuing to fight.

Of course, this is only the beginning of how he can bolster your chances at reaching the best possible outcome. Throughout the entire process, Mr. Weeden will be talking with you to learn about the details of your situation and collecting evidence, testimony, and so on that he can use to cast doubt on the arguments of the other side and decrease the chance that you will be found guilty.

Start Fighting for Your Future Today. Call Jeff Weeden.

Do not allow yourself to be tricked into taking a bad plea deal. A robbery conviction is a life-changing event that can negatively impact the rest of your life and leave you struggling forever.

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