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What is a Wobbler?

Criminal charges are, for the most part, categorized as either a misdemeanor or a felony. However, in Colorado, certain crimes might be considered a “wobbler.” A wobbler is neither a misdemeanor nor a felony, but rather, both. This means that the charge can “wobble” between the two, depending on the type of crime and how it is charged and sentenced. 

Wobbler crimes can be quite confusing for those accused. In this post, our Denver criminal defense attorneys at WeedenLaw will explain in further detail the definition of [..]

Habitual Domestic Violence Offenses

When tempers rise, emotions erupt, and individuals respond impulsively, domestic disputes can arise. They also tend to escalate rather quickly. Once charged with domestic violence, the penalties you face if convicted can be severe. Multiple convictions may also land you a felony domestic violence charge. A conviction for felony domestic violence can derail your life – but it doesn’t always have to. With the right Denver criminal defense lawyer on your side, it’s possible not only to minimize the penalties you face, but even potentially get your [..]

Colorado Man Gets Life in Prison for DUI

On September 30, 2018, Angela Wimmer was on her way home from mass when she was struck from behind while sitting at a red light in Lakewood, CO. Wimmer’s Mazda was propelled forward at 43 miles per hour and proceeded to hit three other vehicles before resting in the middle of the intersection. The car was smashed inwards from its rear, with six feet of intrusion from the impact. Wimmer was found inside by nearby off duty firefighters, who described her as unresponsive in all ways except [..]

Extortion in Colorado

When a person obtains damaging information – whether it is true or false – they cannot threaten to use that knowledge to damage someone else’s life or reputation in return for money. Though the First Amendment of the Consitution permits the freedom of speech, and thus, allows people to speak about another person’s private life, there is a difference between that and extortion. The speech becomes illegal when used as leverage or to blackmail another individual. 

In this post, our Denver criminal defense attorneys at WeedenLaw will [..]

New Law Allowing Non-Violent Felons Gun Ownership

In a bold move by the Colorado General Assembly, people who have been previously convicted of non-violent felonies in the past may again own and possess a firearm for hunting, defense of self and property, and for shooting sports. The new law (Senate Bill 21-271) restores the firearms civil rights under the Colorado Constitution for a great many felons whose rights had been stripped from them after 1994. It is also the state’s first significant sentencing reform in nearly four decades.

Colorado Senate Bill 21-271