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Who Has the Burden of Proof in Criminal Cases

Colorado Criminal Defense Attorney Explains the Burden of Proof

In a criminal trial, the burden of proof always falls on the government—prosecution—who must prove criminal charges against a defendant. In the United States, a defendant is always presumed innocent under any and all circumstances until found guilty under the Constitution’s 5th and 14th amendment protections of due process.

For an individual to be found guilty in a criminal court, the prosecution must show beyond a reasonable doubt to a jury or, in a bench trial, [..]

Esteemed Colorado Criminal Defense Lawyer Answers A Common Question—Do I Need A Criminal Lawyer?

The answer is a resounding YES.

If you’ve been charged with any crime or suspect you’re going to be arrested, it’s not too soon to retain a criminal defense attorney. While you think you can handle your case alone, the repercussions of not retaining a savvy, experienced criminal defense attorney could make the difference between prison or freedom, a criminal record or not.

Worst of all, a criminal conviction can take your freedom. Even if you think the charges aren‘t serious, a conviction could create negative, life-altering [..]

New Year’s Resolution for 2019: Clear Your Colorado Criminal Record

The New Year allows a lot of people to get a fresh start and move forward with their lives in a direction of their choosing. Unfortunately, people with criminal records don’t always feel that they have similar opportunities. Past arrests, charges, or convictions may turn off landlords, financial institutions, or employers who could help former offenders get that new start they crave.

What’s the solution? Getting your record sealed.

Studies from Stanford University show that the benefits of expungement and criminal record sealing outweigh the costs by [..]

How Coloradans Can Battle Back against Robbery Charges in Denver

Coloradans have seen their fair share of news about robbery recently.

It wasn’t long ago that police arrested a man in Colorado Springs for robbing 17 different establishments throughout the area. An 82-year old man who allegedly committed a robbery in Colorado and three other states was arrested in Arizona. And people are still pointing fingers and laughing at the attempted robber in Colorado who dropped his pants during the crime.

While it may be difficult not to laugh at that video, though, Colorado robbery charges are [..]

“Shoplifting” in Colorado Covers More Than Simply Stealing from a Store

Holiday shopping can be extremely stressful, and no one wants their shopping experience to be any more chaotic than it needs to be. Especially if that “chaos” involves being accused of shoplifting.

Not only is it embarrassing and frustrating to be pulled aside by security or store employees and accused, it can be utterly confusing if you don’t understand what you’re supposed to have done wrong.

Worse, if you are convicted of shoplifting – regardless of your actual guilt – the penalties can tack on thousands of [..]