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What is the Difference Between First and Second-Degree Murder?

You may be under the impression that all murder is equal and the person who committed the act should face equally harsh penalties. However, according to law, different types of murder have different levels of penalties depending on the facts of the case. The severity of the crime is determined by “degrees.” A murder charge may fall under the first, second, or even sometimes third degree depending on the circumstances surrounding the case. So, what is the difference between first and second-degree murder?

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What is Involuntary Manslaughter?

Someone who kills another person can be charged with involuntary manslaughter. This type of charge differs from a murder charge because it lacks criminal intent. This means that the act was not intentional, but rather an accident of recklessness or negligence. This charge holds the least amount of accountability for a homicidal death. In this blog you’ll find everything you need to know about involuntary manslaughter in Colorado and what to do if you face charges. For further information, contact experienced Denver criminal defense attorney Jeff Weeden [..]