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Being charged with a crime in Colorado may be a stressful and life-altering event. You’re just carrying on with your life one moment, and then, law enforcement agents are handcuffing you and taking you off to jail, frequently with hardly any justification. You’ll be moved from place to place, made to get your photo and fingerprints collected, and locked in a holding cell with people who will undoubtedly lead to and worsen your discomfort. Several officers might question you aggressively, whereas others might pretend to be the allies that “just wanna help.” Remember that in both circumstances, what police want to do is to rattle you into an admission or at the very minimum cause you to divulge damning material, whatever that takes.

Overall, the event is disturbing and humiliating, and so many people find it difficult to function coherently at this moment. Tons of worries are running inside your head: Could you be sentenced to prison? How long will you be there? Is it possible that you could lose your job? How about your constitutional rights and protections? Will you be allowed to see your children? Will you have to face fines that you simply can not afford? What might your family’s reaction be?

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Jeff Weeden, a top Boulder criminal defense attorney, has been practicing criminal law since 2005. He knows how distressing it may be to face criminal charges, and even how challenging it could be to think rationally, logically, and objectively  – especially initially. Thus, if you’ve been accused, detained, or charged criminally in Boulder CO or the surrounding regions under Colorado court, seek the aggressive legal representation of the criminal lawyers at WeedenLaw as early as possible. This can help guarantee that your liberties are preserved and that the following steps (which will be critical to your how your case plays out) are in the correct direction.

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Many people mistakenly assume that cops and investigators have a duty to give them the full truth, but this simply doesn’t happen. While some protocols and regulations must be met, police have a lot of discretion and flexibility when it comes to convincing someone to admit and thereby condemn themselves. This might involve lying over what they know or what, if any, other witnesses have previously informed them. Don’t be caught in this web!

Contact Jeff Weeden ASAP if you have been arrested, charged, or fear you are under scrutiny for an offense in Boulder, CO. You must not talk until after you have consulted with a Colorado criminal defense attorney from WeedenLaw. We will pursue all conceivable ways to protect you from fervent or abusive cops as well as any faults or blunders you may make that can negatively impact the outcome of your case. 

WeedenLaw believes that there is always another narrative to each story and that everyone is entitled to great legal representation and a successful defense team. Jeff Weeden, an aggressive attorney in Boulder, is committed to protecting his clients’ constitutional rights and advocating for their future. He has helped numerous Colorado residents’ navigate their criminal offenses and criminal appeals in both felony charges and misdemeanor charges throughout the decades, and he is devoted to protecting every single one of his client’s legal rights.

Boulder Attorney Jeff Weeden Handles All Types of Charges

Most individuals are unfamiliar with the justice system and what criminal cases entail, and they believe that just because someone might be an attorney, they are then automatically equipped and suitable to take on their legal issue, regardless of the specialization of law involved. This is another widespread mistaken assumption.

Let’s shine a light on this. You wouldn’t put ketchup on ice cream instead of chocolate syrup just because they’re both condiments, right? No. You would want the flavor that best suits the food and will also satisfy you the most.

The same can be said for when you are needing legal assistance and legal services. You want a skilled courtroom litigator who is experienced in handling cases like yours. You also want someone who is recognized to provide outstanding legal services and dedicates their utmost personal attention to representing clients, has a proven record of success in their practice areas, and has knowledge of the many complexities of the legal process. The criminal defense lawyers at WeedenLaw fit the bill perfectly. Our legal professionals are dedicated to each client’s case and are trusted and respected in the community. We provide outstanding service to many areas in Colorado, including Boulder County, Larimer County, Weld County, Gilpin County, Denver County, Adams County, Arapahoe County, Broomfield County, Jefferson County, Douglas County, and more. 

Once you choose Jeff Weeden, you’re obtaining a Boulder attorney with expertise in both federal court and state court as well as the ability to handle a wide array of legal issues involving criminal offense, from a DUI case to homicide, drug possession, sexual assault, and many other misdemeanor and felony cases. The following are some of the most prevalent issues that our legal team handles on a regular basis:

In addition, WeedenLaw also handles record sealing and expungements in Boulder, CO. When you’ve been accused of criminal charges of any type, contact the law office of experienced criminal defense attorney Jeff Weeden as soon as possible to begin crafting your case.

Why Should You Hire WeedenLaw to Represent You in a Criminal Case in Boulder, CO?

Throughout his career, individuals across the state of Colorado have trusted experienced lawyer Jeff Weeden to represent them and obtain a positive conclusion in their criminal cases. How come? When he takes on your case, he recognizes the magnitude of the issue and truly works toward achieving your best interests. When you choose to partner with Mr. Weeden, you are effectively handing your livelihood to him, and he is conscious and mindful of how important of a role this is.

Whenever Mr. Weeden decides to pick up a case, this isn’t simply another job for him. It becomes a promise that he’ll look into each possible viable solution accessible to you in order to reduce, drop, or dismiss the accusations against you. Following the beginning of his legal career in 2005, Mr. Weeden has received a great deal of acclaim, earning multiple distinguished peer and client-rated accolades for his superior work in Colorado criminal defense cases.

Obviously, awards alone shouldn’t be the only thing that persuades you to choose Mr. Weeden as your attorney. It is also wise to look into how a lawyer has handled past cases. Fortunately, WeedenLaw excels in this area, too. You can take a look at some of his case outcomes here! You’ll find that his law firm has a substantial track record of successfully defending hundreds of clients in diverse practice areas, be it if the allegations were withdrawn, rights were preserved, or penalties were reduced.

Although it is hard to anticipate the precise conclusion of a lawsuit, working with a reputable and highly successful experienced criminal defender like Jeff Weeden is a strong indicator that they comprehend what is necessary to achieve the outcomes that are most favorable to you.

Boulder County, Colorado Criminal Defense Lawyer

The effects of a conviction, no matter if it was a “small” violation or felony assault charge, have the potential to follow you for years. Your driver’s license, professional license, firearms permit, and/or custody and visitation rights with your kids could all be taken away from you. Finding, getting, and retaining a job, paying rent, or loan requests, and more could all become significantly more difficult with a criminal record. This is why the legal experience of the criminal lawyers at WeedenLaw can make all the difference in your case’s success.

When you’ve been accused of an offense in Boulder, CO or the surrounding areas (Lakewood, Denver, Golden, Longmont, Fort Collins, Loveland, Central City, Broomfield, Greely, Evans, Firestone, Thornton, Commerce City, Federal Heights, Greenwood Village, Centennial, Englewood, Littleton, Aurora, Highlands Ranch, Castle Rock, Parker, Lonetree, or anywhere in Larimer County, Boulder County, Gilpin County, Denver County, Broomfield County, Jefferson County, Weld County, Adams County, Arapahoe County, or Douglas County), allow the skilled legal team of WeedenLaw to help you achieve the best results possible. Contact our Colorado criminal defense law firm today by calling 720-307-4330 or by completing the online intake form found below for a free consultation. Our Boulder lawyers look forward to hearing about your case and working with you to develop a solid defense strategy.