Having An Arrest On Your Record Could Mean Losing Opportunities

Lakewood CO Record Sealing

If you’re arrested or charged with a crime, the incident stays on your record whether you were convicted of the crime or not — unless the record is sealed. However, if the incident stays on your record that means that the arrest or charge could appear on background checks. In turn, you could lose future opportunities such as renting an apartment, taking out a loan, and other opportunities where a background check searches for criminal records like for jobs, including teaching and government positions.

Our Goal Is To Clear Your Record

Since 2005, Jeff Weeden has been a lawyer helping clients clear their names in numerous Colorado counties. His goal is to remove criminal charges and arrests from your record so you can start with a clean slate.

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How Long Does It Take To Seal Records?

When you work with Jeff, the first thing he will ask is that you send him a copy of your background check from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. He will evaluate your case by reviewing the background check report.

After that, it typically takes a week or less to prepare and file the petition. Then it takes a week or less for the court to respond to the petition. They then set a hearing out a month, and if there is no objection, the petition is granted. If granted, it takes one to three months for records to be sealed.

In the state of Colorado, expungement is a term only used in juvenile cases, whereas sealing is the term used for adult charges.

What’s Allowed In Expunging Juvenile Files

For juvenile offenses in Colorado you can expunge arrest records, court records or convictions. Almost everything is sealable for juveniles.

What’s Allowed In Sealing Adult Files

Colorado allows you to seal (not expunge) adult records. If you are arrested, but not charged, you can get your arrest record sealed. Typically, the courts allow some municipal offenses, any kind of petty offenses and a small amount of drug convictions to be successfully sealed. Convictions are often tougher to seal, but still possible.

Work With Competent Counsel

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We charge a flat fee that includes a hearing, if necessary.