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Being arrested can be a terrifying experience for anyone. The process leaves you alone, frightened, and with very few allies. Police officers do their best to get a confession from you, and will often purposefully confuse you. While you are worried about your family members, your job, and your reputation, the police are only worried about getting information that will incriminate you. In a world so ready to assume guilt, it can be difficult to receive the help you need. 

This is when you need someone like Jeff Weeden in your corner. Jeff Weeden is experienced in Colorado criminal law and understands the implications of being arrested. If you have been accused or charged with a crime in Greenwood Village, CO, Jeff Weeden is ready to help you. Call the law offices of Weeden Law to schedule a free consultation today at (720) 307-4330.  

How the Criminal Defense Lawyers at WeedenLaw Can Help You

When you are charged with a crime in Greenwood Village, CO, you need an effective criminal defense attorney by your side. Even minor charges can result in years of difficulty with employment opportunities, housing, and even child custody. Jeff Weeden is a Colorado criminal defense lawyer who prides himself on fighting aggressively for his clients. No matter the crime, Jeff Weeden will fight to get your charges lessened, dropped, or dismissed. 

What Kind of Criminal Law Does Jeff Weeden Handle?

Jeff Weeden is a knowledgeable attorney that serves the citizens of Arapahoe and Douglas Counties, among others. When you choose Weeden Law to represent you, you are choosing the best criminal defense lawyers in Colorado. It’s important to choose experienced attorneys with a comprehensive understanding of criminal defense law. Think about it: you wouldn’t trust a personal injury lawyer to handle a complicated divorce; you would seek out a law office experienced in family law. Likewise, you wouldn’t trust someone who’s just entering law school to take on your case; you would want someone who knows their way around the legal system. The same logic applies to criminal charges. You need an experienced criminal defense lawyer to handle your criminal legal matters. 

At Weeden Law, our Greenwood Village, CO criminal defense attorneys have the experience needed to defend you. Weeden Law handles all types of criminal defense matters, such as: 

If you are facing criminal charges in the Greenwood Village area, contact an experienced attorney from WeedenLaw today. There’s a reason Colorado residents have trusted our criminal defense services for decades. 

Colorado Statute of Limitations

Many crimes cannot be pursued after a certain amount of time. This protects the integrity of the evidence and the rights of the person being accused. Everyone has a right to a fair and speedy trial, so waiting to file a criminal suit can be unconstitutional. Depending on the crime, Colorado has varying time limits for how long the crime may be pursued. For minor crimes like misdemeanors, the Colorado statute of limitations can range anywhere from 6 months to a few years. For felonies like murder and other violent crimes, there is often an unlimited amount of time to prosecute. 


Most misdemeanors, even those involving theft, have to be filed within 18 months of the offense. Petty offenses and petty theft have to be filed within 6 months. Traffic cases like DUIs have a 1-year limitation. Misdemeanor sexual assault can be pursued for 8.5 years after the offense if the victim was under 15, but only 5 years if the victim was older than 15. 


Felony cases like murder, sexual assault with DNA evidence, kidnapping, treason, and forgery have no limit. Some felonies, like sexual assault without DNA evidence, can only be prosecuted for 20 years after the victim turns 18. Most felonies can only be pursued for three years after the alleged offense. 

Arrested in Greenwood Village? Follow These Steps

Being arrested in Greenwood Village can cause a lot of undue stress and fear. You could be facing jail time, exorbitant fines, and time away from your family. Even if you were wrongly accused of a crime, police still treat you as if you have already received a guilty verdict. It’s important to follow the correct procedures to come out of the system unscathed. 

Remain Calm

If you have been arrested, try to stay as calm as possible. If the arrest is unexpected, you may be tempted to argue with the police or fight back. Any aggression or resistance can result in additional charges or end up with injuries. Don’t fight for yourself right now; allow the criminal defense lawyers at WeedenLaw to fight for you. 

Exercise Your Rights

You’ve probably heard the Miranda Rights in every criminal TV show or movie. As such, you should know that you have a legal right to stay silent to prevent incriminating yourself. This means you don’t have to answer any questions until your attorney is present. Calmly let the police know that you will not speak until an attorney is present. The interrogation process is meant to intimidate you and trick you into saying something incriminating. DO NOT FALL FOR IT.

Call Greenwood Village Criminal Defense Attorney Jeff Weeden

If you have been arrested in the Denver metro area, contact an experienced Colorado criminal defense lawyer like Jeff Weeden right away. A criminal defense attorney can guide you through the complicated legal system and provide strategic defense, working towards obtaining the best possible outcome for your specific case. A criminal defense lawyer can even speak for you during a police interrogation so you can breathe a little easier. 

What To Expect After Hiring WeedenLaw For Your Criminal Charges

During the initial free consultation, our experienced Colorado lawyer team will go over the details of your case and get your side of the story. The outcome of the case can’t be determined during the first meeting, but Jeff Weeden’s experience and knowledge of criminal law can give you peace of mind. The Greenwood Village, CO attorneys at Weeden Law will explain the process of your criminal case and answer any questions you may have. We offer free consultations for every client, so you can thoroughly vet us with no repercussions. Weeden Law is a law firm that has experience working with both the District Attorney and Deputy District Attorney to lessen the charges against our clients and fight to make sure guilty verdicts are not an option. 

Call an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Today

A criminal record can affect all aspects of your life, but criminal cases don’t always have to end in jail time or expensive fines. When you bring your legal issue to an experienced criminal defense attorney, you have the best chance of securing a positive outcome. The Colorado criminal defense lawyers at Weeden Law have been serving Greenwood Village, CO and the surrounding areas for nearly 20 years. Mr. Weeden and his team have a reputation for excellence in Denver, CO and nearby cities. Our Greenwood Village, CO criminal defense lawyers are passionate about preserving your freedom and will work to lessen your charges, get them dropped, or dismissed entirely

Let the Colorado criminal defense team at Weeden Law fight to protect your rights and your freedom. If you have been arrested in Greenwood Village, CO or the surrounding areas (including Denver, Golden, Boulder, Longmont, Fort Collins, Loveland, Central City, Broomfield, Lakewood, Greely, Evans, Firestone, Thornton, Commerce City, Federal Heights, Greenwood Village, Centennial, Englewood, Littleton, Aurora, Highlands Ranch, Castle Rock, Parker, Lonetree, or anywhere in Larimer County, Boulder County, Gilpin County, Denver County, Broomfield County, Jefferson County, Weld County, Adams County, Arapahoe County, or Douglas County), call us today at (720) 307-4330 to schedule your free consultation.