Getting arrested can be a terrifying experience. The arrest can make you fear for your future and wonder if you’ll ever be able to move past this. As a Colorado criminal defense attorney, Jeff Weeden of WeedenLaw knows how a criminal conviction can change your life. Having someone as experienced as Jeff Weeden by your side through this difficult time can be the difference between freedom and jail time with exorbitant fines. Rest assured, Jeff Weeden has the knowledge and the skill to make sure your rights are fully protected. 

If you’re facing an accusation of criminal wrongdoing in Aurora, CO or the surrounding areas, contact the criminal defense lawyers at WeedenLaw as soon as possible. We can provide the guidance you need to fight the criminal charges against you. Call us today at (720) 307-4330 so Jeff Weeden can begin fighting for you. 

How the Aurora Criminal Defense Lawyers at WeedenLaw Can Help

At WeedenLaw, our Colorado criminal defense attorneys provide the legal counsel you need to fight criminal offenses. The legal consequences of a criminal offense can follow you for the rest of your life. Even minor crimes go on your criminal record and often have fines and community service or jail time attached. Felony convictions are much more dire and can result in you losing your right to vote, bear arms, and even custody of your children in some cases. Felony convictions may also severely reduce your opportunities for housing, employment, and education. Proper legal representation from an aggressive criminal defense team can help you avoid many of these issues. 

What Kind of Criminal Law Does Jeff Weeden Handle?

The attorneys at WeedenLaw only handle criminal matters. This limited scope allows our team to put all available resources into studying cases of criminal law and forming the best possible defense strategy for you and your unique situation. A good criminal defense needs plenty of preparation to ensure all the evidence is accounted for and every legal avenue has been pursued. The outstanding lawyers at WeedenLaw have successfully defended clients charged with: 

From DUI defense to drug possession to domestic violence charges and everything in between, Jeff Weeden can provide everything you need to fight your criminal charges and protect your legal rights. Our criminal defense law firm can also prevent a criminal record from following you around for the rest of your life with record sealing and expungement services

Colorado Statute of Limitations

Every crime has a statute of limitations. This is the amount of time someone has to pursue criminal charges. There are a few reasons for this. For one, a statute of limitations helps prevent evidence from degrading. It also prevents the constitutional rights of the accused from being violated. In Colorado, the statute of limitations varies based on the criminal offense. Misdemeanors often have a shorter statute of limitations than a felony offense.  


Misdemeanor sexual assault has the longest limitation at 8.5 years if the victim was under 15 and 5 years if the victim was 15 or older. Traffic offenses (including DUIs) have a limitation of one year. Petty offenses (like petty theft) have to be pursued within six months. Most other misdemeanor offenses have a limit of 18 months. 

Felony Charges

Felony charges can be criminally pursued for three years, with a few exceptions. In the case of sexual assault without DNA evidence, the felony charge can be pursued for 20 years after the victim’s 18th birthday. No statute of limitation exists for cases of sexual assault with DNA evidence, forgery, kidnapping, and murder. 

What To Do if You’re Arrested in Aurora, CO

If you have been arrested or accused of a crime in Aurora, don’t waste any time in calling an experienced criminal defense attorney at WeedenLaw. If law enforcement officers ask you any questions during your arrest or interrogation, you do not have to answer them. In fact, it’s highly advised that you exercise your right to remain silent until your attorney is present. Cops will do and say anything they can to get a confession from you, whether you committed the crime or not. They may intimidate you, or they may try to act understanding and sincere. However they may come across, do not say anything without a lawyer present. The criminal defense lawyers at WeedenLaw will begin working on your case as soon as you call. 

For a criminal charge, you need a law firm that focuses on criminal law. After all, you wouldn’t go to an attorney that specializes in family law after a personal injury. Choose Jeff Weeden to be part of your aggressive criminal defense team. Jeff has been practicing law for over a decade and knows the legal system like the back of his hand. In addition to state criminal court, he is also able to defend your case in a federal court.

A good criminal defense attorney can secure your freedom by getting the charge reduced or dismissed altogether. 

What to Expect From Our Aurora Criminal Defense Attorneys

You can expect only the best from an experienced criminal defense attorney like Jeff Weeden. WeedenLaw is a criminal defense law firm, which means our Aurora criminal defense lawyers focus only on criminal defense cases. This means we can dedicate our resources to helping you fight a criminal charge. The sooner you call, the sooner we can begin crafting an aggressive defense strategy. At the initial evaluation, we will start to gather the evidence we need to get your charges reduced or dismissed. You can expect us to be honest about your case. The outcome cannot be predicted from just one meeting, but Jeff Weeden has over two decades of experience with criminal cases. The attorneys at WeedenLaw work with the offices of the District Attorney and Deputy District Attorney to get charges reduced and negotiate plea deals.   

Call an Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer in Aurora, CO

The Aurora, CO criminal defense lawyers at WeedenLaw have an extensive track record in handling all kinds of Colorado criminal defense issues, from minor traffic violations to drug crimes to even violent crime defense. Whatever your criminal case, our attorneys are ready to start crafting your defense strategy as soon as you contact us. Jeff Weeden is a member of the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar, as well as the Denver, Colorado, and American Bar Associations. Jeff Weeden is also a member of the National Trial Lawyers. 

Our law office can help you with criminal charges in Aurora, CO, but we also serve Denver, CO, and the surrounding areas, including Lakewood, Boulder, Longmont, Golden, Loveland, Broomfield, Greely, Evans, Firestone, Fort Collins, Thornton, Commerce City, Federal Height, Greenwood Village, Centennial, Englewood, Littleton, Central City, Highlands Ranch, Castle Rock, Parker, and Lonetree. Contact an experienced criminal defense attorney from our law firm by calling (720) 307-4330 or reaching out to us online. We offer a free consultation to go over the specific details of your case and determine the best legal options for you.