Competent Legal Representation Defending Sex Crimes Cases

Lakewood Sex Crimes Attorney

Being convicted of a sexual offense can carry stiff penalties, including fines, jail time and registration in sex offender databases. Even being accused of these highly stigmatizing charges can be life changing. Hiring competent legal representation is critical to your case.

Jurisdictions Can Vary Greatly

Since 2005, the WeedenLaw office has represented clients charged with serious sexual offenses. We are experienced criminal defense lawyers who know the Colorado jurisdictions that can help your case greatly. We can explain your rights and work on your strong defense strategy.

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New Crimes Like Sexting Seen As Technology Evolves

It’s a new age, and with that comes new types of crimes. One such crime is sexting or sending naked or partially nude sexually suggestive images over phones, computers, tablets and other technical devices. When the images sent are of minors to another minor or adult, they are considered child pornography and can involve harsh penalties. The penalties for sexting, however, can vary greatly by jurisdiction. Having an experienced Colorado attorney who knows the jurisdictions working on your case could be beneficial when facing sexting or other sex crimes charges.

Sex Offenses Cover A Wide Array Of Charges

In addition to sexting, we represent clients charged with various sex offenses such as:

  • Sexual assault on an adult (including “at-risk” adults)
  • Sexual assault on a child by an adult in a position of trust such as a parent, relative, guardian, teacher, coach or clergy
  • Unlawful sexual contact
  • Indecent exposure (including “streaking”)
  • Child pornography through use of technology or photography or any other medium
  • Internet luring where an adult has a conversation with someone online, and they are a minor
  • Rape and use of date rape drugs
  • Invasion of privacy

Whatever charges you’re facing, we can help defend your case and work toward a positive outcome.

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