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What is Second Degree Sexual Assault?

Colorado defines sexual assault (rape) as any forced or non-consensual act of sexual penetration. Almost all forms of sexual assault are felonies in Colorado. The degree of sexual assault refers to the class of felony for the crime. Second degree sexual assault refers to a Class 2 felony. If you are facing Colorado sexual assault charges, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney with a proven track record of success.

Anyone who commits sexual intrusion or penetration on a victim has committed sexual assault if:

    It was

Felony Probation Violation

One mistake should rarely define a person.  In the event of a felony conviction, that mistake can make it difficult for an individual to efficiently serve their agreed upon sentencing without issue, even in instances where probation is offered.  The concept of probation in Colorado is designed to allow someone convicted of a crime to remain in the community, as opposed to confined within a prison system.  This arrangement does not come without its own set of challenges.  Often the terms of probation become misunderstood or [..]

Fighting Felony Drug Charges

Finding yourself facing drug charges is a daunting situation.  There can be numerous questions surrounding your arrest that leave you looking for an ally for representation and guidance.  Below you’ll find some helpful information intended to give you a starting point for building a successful defense and fighting felony drug charges.

What Determines If A Drug Charge Is A Misdemeanor Or Felony?

As with any crime, there are variables that determine the severity of the charges.  For drug possession crimes, a key aspect is the quantity of [..]

Bail Amount by Crime

In this blog, we put together a list of the typical bail amounts by crime. This is to give you an approximate idea of what is a reasonable bail amount according to the charge. 

How is bail cost determined?

According to the 8th Amendment, anyone arrested for a crime is entitled to a fair bail amount. Bail is not intended to be a punishment. It is simply money that the defendant or someone on behalf of the defendant pays to the court. Once someone pays their bail, [..]

24-Hour Attorney in Denver

Do you need a 24-hour attorney in the Denver area?

Law enforcement exists outside the normal 9-to-5 office schedule. Have you ever wondered what you would do if police arrested you in the dead of night, or on a weekend, or a holiday?

Well, now you know: you would call a 24-hour attorney like Jeff Weeden.

But why do you need a 24-hour attorney? Why is it important to have an attorney immediately after police arrest you?

Here, Denver criminal defense attorney Jeff Weeden will explain why [..]