Shoplifting in Colorado

Being accused of shoplifting in Colorado can be a frightening situation, but it can be much easier to navigate with the help of a Denver theft attorney from WeedenLaw.

For many, shoplifting can create immigration problems or problems with work, and so they look for an attorney to help them through the process.

How are Shoplifting Cases Prosecuted?

Shoplifting cases are prosecuted after a store presses charges on the offender. This doesn’t always occur immediately after leaving the store, though. Sometimes stores will wait to gather enough evidence before formally pressing charges. (See our blog: Can You Get Caught Shoplifting Weeks Later?)

Once the case moves forward, most will be prosecuted in municipal court (larger alleged thefts can be prosecuted in the relevant County or District Courts). An attorney will Enter an Appearance on your behalf and demand “discovery” or the evidence the Prosecution plans to use against you moving forward and ultimately at trial. Next your attorney will speak with the Prosecutor, usually a City Attorney to try and negotiate a disposition of your case. A dismissal is always preferred, however most cases are disposed of via a Deferred Judgement and Sentence where you must complete the terms of the DJ&S, usually repayment of anything alleged to have been taken, and the completion of a Petty Theft class or the like. At the end of the successful completion of the DJ&S the case is dismissed and the records are eligible for sealing which is a terrific result for most folks.

Shoplifting can be a scary charge, but a good Denver criminal defense attorney can help you navigate the system to try and put you in the best possible position to move on successfully with your life.

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