False Sexual Assault Allegations: What To Do When You’ve Been Falsely Accused

False sexual assault allegations–believe it or not, these come around a lot more than the general public would like to believe. You’ve found yourself in this nightmare scenario, being on the wrong side of false sexual assault allegations. And quite frankly, it’s a situation for which no one can adequately prepare. We’ll walk you through the steps of what to do when you’ve been falsely accused of sexual assault.

Unfortunately, many situations exist that can lead to this horrible scenario:

  • Mischaracterized consensual contact
  • Misidentification by an alleged victim
  • Malicious intent by the alleged victim

These are only a few of the more common situations regarding wrongful allegations. Even the best Colorado sexual assault defense attorneys won’t claim to have seen every possible scenario surrounding false sexual assault allegations.

What To Do If You are Falsely Accused of Sexual Assault

If you’ve been falsely accused of sexual assault, you need to start protecting yourself. Find an aggressive criminal defense attorney as soon as you suspect you may be investigated.

Most people in this scenario believe that since they didn’t do anything wrong, the court will find them innocent, or they may not even need to go to trial over it.

It’s also natural to want to tell “your side,” thinking you’ll be able to clear up any confusion by enlightening the police with the truth.

However, defending yourself from these types of accusations is rarely, if ever, that easy. And, without the advice of a seasoned Denver criminal defense attorney to help you deal with these allegations head-on, you’ll more than likely do yourself more harm than good, regardless of your intentions. This holds true even if you believe your charges or accusations hold no merit. 

At WeedenLaw, we offer free legal advice for many reasons. This is certainly one of them. 

False Sexual Assault Allegations are Serious

Even if you didn’t do anything wrong, much less illegal, you have to start realizing the amount of trouble you could be in. Severe consequences for underestimating the legal ramifications exist. This is especially true when you’ve been falsely accused of sexual assault. Unfortunately, this isn’t something that most people ever plan to happen to them, and to some extent, innocent people go through some level of denial. They fail to act proactively and find themselves in deep trouble. If they had reacted properly, the end cost would be a fraction of what it costs when things get out of control.

Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney for False Sexual Assault Allegations

Attorneys specialize in certain case types. Therefore, you don’t want to hire a lawyer who’s good at representing speeding tickets or custody cases, even if it’s a friend of a friend. Asking your lawyer what kind of cases like yours they have handled is okay (and even encouraged).

You’ll want to retain an experienced criminal lawyer who will help you through the process of defending yourself at every stage of the proceedings. 

Be wary of those who promise quick and easy solutions without thoroughly reviewing your case. 

Review your rights with your attorney before speaking with anyone involved in the case. This includes investigators, possible witnesses, anyone. One thing you should not do, under any circumstances, is agree to speak to the police without having your lawyer present.

Evidence That You’ve Been Falsely Accused of Sexual Assault

No one wants to hear that this kind of case can be expensive, especially when the accusations of sexual assault are false. The faster you retain a good sexual assault defense lawyer, the more the lawyer can help mitigate the expenses to come. But, when you’re falsely accused of sexual assault, you’re facing a high probability of criminal charges. And, if you’ve already been charged, you’re facing an even higher probability of conviction unless you’re taking proactive steps to keep the case from getting out of control. 

Tests, Evidence, and Experts

Depending on the facts surrounding the case, this may require you to take steps such as getting a psychologist to test you or gathering evidence and experts.

You’ll want to start by documenting your experience and/or interactions with the accuser, if any. Write down as many details as possible, even if you don’t believe the details are relevant. It never hurts.

If sex is involved, you’ll want testing that will help disprove allegations against you, if possible. There are normally tests that relate specifically to the accusation in question if the accusation comes in time. Be proactive. Show that you aren’t who the person says you are. 

Witness List

Compile a list of possible witnesses to the alleged events or other interactions you may have had with the accuser. But do not let anyone besides your lawyer see your list.

Include the person’s name and contact information, as well as a brief biography and what they can testify to. Don’t limit who you put down. Write down those who you feel will be on your side, as well as those who might be and even won’t be. Let your attorney decide who is important to your case and who isn’t.

An experienced attorney will walk you through the process and give you steps to take in order to protect yourself. 

Protect Yourself Against False Sexual Assault Allegations

We understand that the situation is hard. It’s infuriating, hurtful, and draining at best. So, often, those who have been falsely accused become their own worst enemy. From now on, you need to watch everything you say and do. One sideways comment can tank the case your lawyer is building on your behalf.

Get a handle on your emotions, words, and actions as quickly as humanly possible. This will help provide the best outcome in the long run. 

What you say at trial can have a significant impact. Your attorney will help you prepare for your statement by giving you advice on what to say to a judge at your hearing.

Denver Lawyer for False Sexual Assault Accusations

The interaction between women and men is a bit combustible in the present day. Changing minds after the fact and pressing charges destroy reputations and can destroy entire lives. Every case warrants a closer look to determine a motive. 

If you’ve been accused of sexual assault, don’t panic. Even if there’s physical evidence, it doesn’t mean you’re doomed. With the strong representation of and detailed defense by WeedenLaw, you can fight these charges.

Call an experienced Denver sex crime defense attorney at 720-307-4330 for a free consultation today.

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