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Knowing the types of domestic violence could help your defense

Domestic violence negatively affects numerous people across the country, and often, individuals can suffer from this type of abuse for years and continue to suffer even after they have escaped the situation. While this is the side of the narrative most often described, another side to the story could include a person who has faced negative impacts to his or her life due to someone bringing false accusations of abuse against him or her.

Understandably, most people want to believe someone claiming to be a victim of domestic abuse. However, some unscrupulous individuals may try to use this tendency to take advantage of others’ sympathies and get revenge on another person. In the event that someone has wrongly accused you of domestic violence, you may feel shocked, dismayed and even confused. Nonetheless, you may still find yourself having to prepare for legal proceedings.

Types of domestic violence

As part of your preparations, you may want to better understand the specific allegations that someone has brought against you. Information that may help in this endeavor relates to knowing the different types of domestic violence. The various types of abuse include:

  • Physical abuse — Most people immediately think of physical abuse when someone says domestic violence. True, many individuals can suffer physical harm in this type of situation, and that harm could range from minor to severe.
  • Emotional abuse — Constant insults, humiliation and criticism could also constitute abuse. This type of domestic violence works to destroy the person’s feelings of self-worth. However, this type of abuse often needs evidence of other types of abuse in support of its claims.
  • Financial abuse — Because some abusers want to have complete control over someone else, they may attempt to make the person financially dependent. As a result, the person cannot leave on his or her own or attempt to create any type of separate life.
  • Psychological abuse — Domestic violence could also include psychological abuse. This type of abuse differs from emotional abuse as it is often used more to intimidate and cause fear than to diminish someone’s self-worth. Additionally, this type of abuse must be persistent and could include a variety of manipulative behaviors.

These four examples do not include every type of domestic violence. Therefore, as part of your defense, you may want to find out more information on the particular abuse of which you have been accused. Once you understand the allegations, you may have a better chance of working to present your case that the accusations are false.

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