Drugs and Alcohol: Two Things That Can Ruin College Life

When you first moved onto your Denver college campus, you were probably nervous about various academic and social issues, such as whether you’d earn good grades and be able to find a close group of friends to hang out with in your free time.

As time went on, you no doubt found your niche and began to feel more at ease with college life. You may also have learned that most problems are temporary, and perseverance and diligence go a long way toward success.

There’s another side to college life, however — one that can include serious legal problems.

It’s no secret that partying and college living often go hand in hand. There are many situations that can land you in the back of a police car with DUI charges or drug charges if you’re not careful.

If you know the risks and how to avoid them, you should be fine. However, even conscientious students run into trouble some of the time. If that happens, knowing how to quickly access support may be key to a positive outcome.

Denver Drug and Alcohol Dangers on Campus

Alcohol is a drug, and it happens to be the most commonly abused drug on college campuses in Denver and throughout Colorado, as well as the rest of the nation.

As a student in this state, you’re likely aware of the marijuana laws as well. Many college students were glad to learn that recreational use of the drug is legal here. The following information tells of other drug use common among college students that may not only impede your academic success but may also cause serious legal trouble:

  • Prescription medsOnly the person for whom a doctor prescribes a particular medication may to consume the medication. In other words, your college friend may offer you a pill to help you stay awake to study or calm your nerves for an exam, but that doesn’t mean it is legal for you to take it.
  • Heavy narcotics: Perhaps you’ve been at parties where people used cocaine, heroin or ecstasy. Maybe you have participated in such behavior yourself. Such drugs not only can cause serious health problems but are often key issues in major drug busts and criminal charges on college campuses.
  • Marijuana: Yes, it is legal in Colorado. However, there are still strict regulations about growing, buying, selling and using it.

You may have heard that college life is what you make of it. To a large extent, that is true. It’s logical to assume that if you study hard, stay organized and do your best to make good choices, you will succeed in your long-term academic goals. That doesn’t mean you’ll never run into challenges along the way, even legal trouble.

Denver Drug and Alcohol Help

If you are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, there are strong support networks available at college and off campus to help you. As for legal problems, most Denver college students rely on experienced criminal defense attorneys to help them rectify such situations.

Contact Denver Criminal Drug and DUI Lawyer, Jeff Weeden

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