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Unjust accusations could leave you needing a defense

As you know, domestic violence negatively affects numerous people across the country. You certainly want victims of such violence to get the help they need and for the abusers to face justice. However, you may face concerns of your own when allegations of abusing your spouse or other family members have unjustly been leveled against you. Because domestic violence can result in criminal charges, you will likely want information on defending against the accusations.

Luckily, when presented with such a predicament, you have various options that could help you address your case. Determining the best defense strategyfor your particular situation may allow you to move forward effectively.

Falsely accused

In some cases, certain people may try to exploit the concern of others by falsely accusing you of domestic violence. Because victims of such violence often garner warranted concern and sympathy, a vindictive or spiteful individual may try to manipulate others into thinking that you committed violent acts. In order to defend against false accusations, inconsistencies in the accuser’s accounts, conflicting evidence and other information could help clear your name.

Wrongfully suspected

The possibility also exists that while the abusive actions may have truly taken place, authorities wrongfully considered you the suspect. Another individual could have potentially abused a person and based on description, location or other details of the event, you may have been mistaken for another individual. If so, presenting your alibi and providing evidence that you did not participate in such activity may provide a meaningful defense.


When argumentative situations get out of hand, the possibility that they could escalate into violent encounters exists. So, you may have felt that due to the other individual’s actions, you needed to respond with violence in order to protect yourself or to protect children or other parties in the vicinity. The argument of self-defense commonly comes up in cases of alleged assault or abuse, and this tactic may suit your circumstances.

Maintaining your innocence

Facing accusations of domestic violence can feel devastating. You may worry that you will wrongfully face jail time or other consequences for acts you did not commit or that were necessary to protect yourself or others. Luckily, you have the right to maintain your innocence and defend against criminal accusations brought against you.

In order to understand your defense options and find the right path for your case, you may wish to enlist the assistance of a Colorado attorney. This individual can assess the facts of your case and ensure that you get the assistance you deserve.

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