Jeff Weeden Quoted in Denver Post Article

Denver criminal defense attorney Jeff Weeden was recently quoted in a Denver Post article regarding the delayed return of Memphis Grizzlies’ player Ja Morant. The NBA suspended Morant for 8 games without pay for posting a video of himself to social media brandishing a firearm in a Denver nightclub. Weeden stated, “It may have all been laughter and champagne, but under the eyes of the law, it can get to be a serious situation.”

Jeff Weeden, a skilled and experienced attorney, is known for his dedication to upholding the law and protecting the rights of his clients. His comments on the situation involving Morant serve as a reminder that even seemingly harmless actions can have serious legal consequences.

As a prominent figure in the legal community, Weeden’s insights and expertise are highly valued. His comments on this matter provide a valuable perspective on the potential legal implications of this situation. Weeden’s dedication to justice and the law continues to make him a respected and sought-after attorney in the Denver area.

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