When to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

If you or a loved one are in legal trouble and face criminal charges, you probably have a lot running through your head. One of the most pressing concerns is likely when to hire a criminal defense attorney, or further, whether you should hire one at all.

There is plenty of evidence that suggests that the best route is to hire a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Having a defense attorney early on in the process can help better secure your freedom and save you a lot of time and money in the long run. In addition, depending on the nature of your case, you’ll need someone to assist you in reaching the most favorable resolution and protecting your constitutional rights along the way. With that in mind, we cannot express the importance of hiring a criminal defender enough. 

Whether you receive charges or accusations of a crime in Colorado, having the experience of someone like Denver criminal defense attorney Jeff Weeden can be crucial to the success of your case. To address your specific legal situation and how he may be able to help you, call WeedenLaw at 720-307-4330 right away. 

What Does a Criminal Defense Attorney Do?

Criminal defense lawyers (both private and court-appointed) have a lot on their plate with every case they take on. Some of their duties include research, analyzing the evidence against their clients, and attempting to reach deals with the prosecutors.

Bail for criminal charges may decrease significantly, and charges and sentences may lighten as a result of these agreements. The negotiation (and success) of these kinds of deals has risen in prominence lately as a result of things like political and public pressure, overcrowded jails, and congested court calendars.

Other duties of a criminal defense lawyer include questioning witnesses, analyzing the prosecutor’s case, reviewing police procedures, gathering evidence, and assisting in the formulation of pleas. Of course, if, for some reason, a plea deal cannot be reached, the defendant will receive an attorney’s representation at trial. If this is the case, your attorney can help you prepare for what to say to a judge at sentencing.

Criminal defense attorneys also assist the defendant in dealing with the frustrations and concerns that come with a criminal case court proceeding. With this, they can offer more personalized services by providing a realistic assessment of the probable results and potential sentences.

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How Much is a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

“How much will this cost?” is likely one of the first things you’ll ask when considering hiring a defense lawyer. How much criminal defense lawyers charge for their services depends on a number of things. Variables include the case’s complexity, the attorney’s expertise, and the region in which the case plays out.

It also depends on how your attorney handles their billing process. Some attorneys may choose the route of hourly billing, wherein the cost depends on every hour your lawyer spends working on your case. Other attorneys may choose to charge by the case, meaning there is a fixed fee depending on the type of offense in question.

Whether they bill by the hour or by the case, many defense attorneys require defendants to pay a retainer fee before they begin working for them. In this case, the lawyer should provide the client with periodical statements detailing how much time they have spent on the case, what work has been done, and how much of the retainer has been utilized up to a certain point. If a defendant’s account balance approaches zero, the lawyer will likely seek additional payment.

Criminal Defense Attorney Fees

You’ve probably heard the expression, “You get what you pay for.” This is true for many things, especially lawyers. When compared to a state-appointed counsel, an experienced attorney like Jeff Weeden may be more expensive, but it pays off in the end. When you’re facing a criminal charge in Colorado, you could be in for a lot of trouble. It might take months of hard labor to achieve the greatest possible outcome for your case, and that will cost you money. However, we know how important your freedom is to you, and that is exactly what your criminal defense attorney is working so hard to get. 

Why Do I Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

We’re often asked, “Why do I need a criminal defense lawyer in Colorado?”

Defending yourself against criminal charges or accusations, whether or not you are at fault, is a difficult and emotionally draining process. You’ll need someone with enough experience to guide you through the complexities and nuances of the American criminal justice system every step of the way. That’s why having a criminal defender on your side offers a sense of comfort and security that only comes with knowing someone is fighting hard for you.

A criminal defense lawyer is also in the greatest position to negotiate any additional rights you may have, which may improve your potential outcome. In a criminal case, having an aggressive and experienced lawyer negotiate and barter for your rights can make all the difference.

Moreover, a criminal defense lawyer can be a go-between for you and the plaintiff. These lawyers have the necessary skills to approach the other side and speak reasonably on your behalf. In the best-case scenario, the opposing party agrees to withdraw the accusations and negotiate a mutually beneficial agreement outside of the court system.

When to Hire a Lawyer for Criminal Defense

While having an attorney there from the very moment you’re thrown in the back of a patrol car would be ideal, it’s simply not possible. Instead, you should contact a defense counsel as quickly as you are able to, which is often after you’ve been released from police custody.

One of the most significant advantages of getting legal counsel early on is that a skilled defense attorney may be able to have your criminal charges list dropped long before you receive official charges. Additionally, the longer you wait to hire representation, the more time the other side has to prepare their case against you. If you are facing serious criminal charges, hiring a defense lawyer ASAP should be your top priority.

Criminal Lawyers Near Me

When it comes to when to hire a criminal defense attorney, there’s no such thing as too soon. The sooner you can enlist their help, the greater your chances of avoiding an uneven legal fight that may inevitably land you in jail.

Each crime has its own set of circumstances that characterize it. As such, finding a good criminal lawyer who is willing to fight for you is what will essentially determine the outcome of your case. When you hire Jeff Weeden, you’ll get a legal professional who has experience in both Colorado state and federal courtrooms. He can take on a variety of criminal cases, from misdemeanor crimes to homicide cases. The bottom line is this: With more time to work on your case, Jeff Weeden will be better equipped to put together the greatest possible defense for you. So, don’t put it off any longer. Fill out our simple online contact form or call 720-307-4330 to schedule a free consultation with an experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney today.

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