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Are juvenile drug charges an automatic jail sentence?

As the mother of a troubled teen, you likely want to make the best decisions for your child. When he or she faces arrest on juvenile drug charges, finding the right path to follow may be vital. Rather than accept that your teen could potentially face jail time if convicted, you may wish to find legal routes that could potentially help you seek alternative action.

Rehab as an Alternative in Denver

Because drug addictions are often a symptom of other underlying issues, addressing those issues may need to take place in order for your child to truly gain help. An incarceration facility may not be the best environment for a teenager to obtain the necessary care. Therefore, when it comes to handling juvenile charges, you may wish to determine whether there are legal steps that could allow your child to obtain access to a drug rehabilitation program or appropriate therapy.

In some cases, going through a drug treatment program could allow for the dismissal of the criminal charges against a minor. If offered this option, the minor involved in the case must complete such a program and adhere to any other stipulations put forward by the court. If the option to have the charges dropped has not been proffered, the defendant may have options for obtaining a plea bargain that could allow for entering a rehab program in lieu of jail time or other sentencing.

Gaining the Right Knowledge

Because a young person often does not have the knowledge necessary to navigate criminal proceedings on his or her own, having assistance may make the teen feel more at ease and help you and your child understand the potential options. It often falls to the parents to make the decisions regarding how a juvenile’s defense will move forward, and, therefore, you may wish to determine what courses of action make you and your child feel most comfortable.

Speaking with an experienced Colorado defense attorney could provide access to useful legal knowledge. Legal counsel could explain the teen’s rights and detail what legal routes may offer the best potential outcomes for the case. It may also be possible for you to gain more knowledge on what a plea bargain may entail and whether there is a chance for dismissal of charges through the use of alternative programs.

No parent wants his or her child to end up facing such troubling circumstances. If you find yourself in such a predicament, understanding how to get your child the help he or she deserves may make a considerable difference in defending his or her future



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