Trusted Resources To Meet Your Legal Needs

Since 2005, Jeffery L. Weeden has been building a network of legal counsel and resources for his clients. These resources mean you can come to WeedenLaw with almost any legal issue and find assistance and direction to get working on your dispute.

WeedenLaw partners with trusted legal resources and will refer you to these lawyers with confidence. Call us in Colorado at 720-310-2141 so we can connect you with one of our attorney resources.

What Does A Civil Litigation Attorney Do?

A civil suit is a noncriminal legal dispute. A civil litigation attorney can help you fight wrongful foreclosure from a bank or mortgage company. The attorney can also help you sue an individual or if you are being sued by an individual. The attorney takes on many roles such as counselor, mediator, negotiator and confidante. An attorney can also advise you of your options and whether going to court is the best route to take. Perhaps mediation or negotiation would work for your situation. The attorney can also file of legal paperwork and meet deadlines necessary in your lawsuit.

Getting You The Legal Help You Need

We are not only skilled in criminal defense, but also assist clients who need legal advice in many additional practice areas such as:

  • Personal injury
  • Trust administration
  • Law firm management
  • Mediation

If you have a legal matter in one of these areas or another type of case, contact us by email, or call our Denver office at 720-310-2141 for more information. We offer free case consultations.