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Client in Lakewood Municipal Court (Jefferson County) was charged with Assault – Domestic Violence. WeedenLaw prepared aggressively for trial.
All charges dismissed on the day of trial.

Client in Boulder County was charged with Assault in the Second Degree – Domestic Violence, Felony Menacing – Domestic Violence, False Imprisonment – Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, Harassment – Domestic Violence and Felony Menacing – Domestic Violence (added second count of Menacing). WeedenLaw worked with the DA's office and prepared aggressively for trial.
— All charges dismissed after Motions Hearing and prior to trial.

Client, a psychologist, in Denver District Court was charged with Felony First-Degree Criminal Trespass (F5) and Tampering with a Motor Vehicle (M1). WeedenLaw worked extensively with the DA's office to obtain dismissal.
— All charges dismissed prior to motions and trial.

Client in Aurora Municipal Court was charged with Assault – Domestic Violence. WeedenLaw prepared aggressively for trial.
— All charges dismissed on the day of trial.

Client in Denver County Court was charged with Assault – Domestic Violence. WeedenLaw worked with the City Attorney's office and prepared aggressively for trial.
— All charges dismissed on the day of trial.

Client in Arapahoe County was charged with having Unlawfully Fished Without a Valid and Proper Fishing License (UM) and Presenting False Information to Authorities (UM). WeedenLaw worked with the DA's office and presented mitigation on client's behalf.
— Client required to complete Making Better Choices Seminar; all charges dismissed.

Client in Arapahoe County represented by WeedenLaw at Permanent Protection Order hearing. Accusations of abuse, assault and harassment. WeedenLaw conducted the PPO hearing and cross-examined the protected party.
— The Permanent Protection Order was denied.

Client in Weld County was convicted of one count of Distribution of a Schedule 2 Controlled Substance (Methamphetamine) (F3). Client was facing up to 32 years in prison; mandatory parole period of five years. WeedenLaw worked with Probation and the DA's office and presented mitigation on client's behalf.
— Client sentenced to four years of probation and a 90-day county jail sentence to work/school release, no prison.

Client in Arapahoe County represented by WeedenLaw at Permanent Protection Order hearing. Accusations of sexual impropriety and threatening with a knife. WeedenLaw conducted the PPO hearing and cross-examined the protected party.
— The Permanent Protection Order was denied.

Trial in Delta County for charges of: Did unlawfully have in possession/take wildlife (to wit: one 4×4 bull elk); Did unlawfully take one bull elk without a proper and valid license; 33-6-107(7) Did unlawfully use another person's lawfully acquired license; 33-6-125 Did unlawfully possess a loaded firearm in a motor vehicle (to wit: 7mm Rem Mag).
— Trial result allowed client to retain full hunting and fishing rights.

Trial in Rio Blanco County for charges of: Did unlawfully enter upon private property to hunt without permission [hunting trespass]; Did unlawfully take one bull elk without a proper and valid license; Did unlawfully have in possession one bull elk without a proper and valid license (To wit: one six-point bull elk); 33-6-119(1) Pursuit of Wounded Game – Waste of edible game wildlife – Use of wildlife as bait (M).
— Either all charges dismissed or client acquitted by jury at trial.


Mr. Weeden saved my life

What can I even begin to say about Mr. Jeffery Weeden? He has played a major part in saving my life and putting me on a path to recovery and self-realization. He has helped me become the person I am meant to be. He is an amazing lawyer. He is professional, polite, and puts his clients above all else. He is a true friend, and one of the best people I have ever met in my life. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs his help. Thank you for everything you have done for me Jeff.

Mr. Weeden brought light back onto my future
Back in February of 2015 I was wrongly accused of sexual assault and sexual harassment. These allegations had no basis of truth to be founded on. Never having committed a crime in my life left me confused on what to do. Through diligent search I found Mr. Weeden, and after an initial consultation immediately knew he was my best chance of getting this resolved. The dilemma lasted about a year in which case Mr. Weeden kept good relations with not only me but also the prosecuting District Attorney so as to keep negotiation lines open. Although very kind and polite to the DA he had his game face on when it came closer to trial and was ready to fight tooth and nail for my life. He worked with me in retaining a private investigator to do all the investigation that the police department had unlawfully neglected to do which led to my unnecessary arrest. Both Mr. Weeden and my investigator Richard Webb were able to contradict the accusations made against me with a plethora of evidence and witnesses that ultimately led to an almost impossible dismissal. If it were not for Mr. Weeden's hard work I would possibly be unjustly convicted and in prison. He worked hard and in doing so brought light back onto my future.

A weight was lifted off our shoulders
We were being hounded by a detective who wanted to "just talk" to my 18 year old son, "to get his side of the story." We called Mr. Weeden and he counseled us not to speak with the detective at that time. He took over and a weight was lifted off our shoulders. He made us feel comfortable, he answered all of our questions, he even gave us his cell number. I sent him a couple of texts and he always responded promptly. I found Mr. Weeden on Avvo and I am so happy we did. I would highly recommend him!

I'm innocent! And Jeff got my case dismissed.
I've been charged with a crime of which I've been innocent. Through his expertise and knowledge Jeff successfully helped to bring about the eventual dismissal of the charges. During the case Jeff gave good advice to me and my family that helped bring about the dismissal. Thank you Jeff for your help.

Knowledgeable, Professional, Positive attitude
My son was charged with domestic violence. It was very disconcerting to be in a situation like this. Jeff kept us informed and took the time to explain all of the options available and got my son a plea deal that kept him out of jail. Thank you, Jeff!

Not just a great attorney but a genuine man
Jeff did a great job for us. He was honest, direct, competent, professional, and there was no BS. Helped us through our process with great success. I contacted him online at 8:30 on a Saturday night because we had court that next week and he called me that Sat night!! We talked it through on the phone and had court that week where he really went to bat for us. Not just a great attorney but a genuine man. Thanks for everything.

Honest and straightforward advice
Jeff did a great job handling my misdemeanor case in Arapahoe County. He is very honest and gives straightforward advice; in a way that demonstrates he really cares about his clients. Jeff was always very quick to respond to my questions by email or phone; and I had a lot of them. In the end the case was dismissed, which is an outcome that far exceeded my initial expectations. If you need a great defense attorney Jeff is the guy you want working for you.

Jeff fought hard a got the dismissal that I needed!
I was facing a revocation for a separate case in another county and looking at 90 days. Jeff knew the only outcome that I could take to avoid this was a dismissal or found innocent. Jeff fought hard a got the dismissal that I needed. This was a very stressful situation and Jeff walked me through the process in an extremely detailed oriented and straight fourth manner. He always responded to my calls and emails very quickly when I had concerns or questions. He even got back to me on Thanksgiving! I couldn't have asked for a more professional and caring attorney.

Case Dismissed, Two Days Before Trial
I was recently part of a Domestic Violence Case. My case was insane. I had never been in trouble before and couldn't believe what I was being accused of. I found Jeffery off of this website and he is well worth his ratings. He was extremely blunt and realistic about my tough situation. I trusted he knew what he was doing. We went all the way up until the week of the Jury trial and I got a phone call two days before the DISMISSED! I couldn't be more happy about the outcome and Jeffery Weeden's work. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of his services!

Protected the Reputation of my Business
Jeff assisted me with a very delicate matter that could have had a negative impact on my business. He maintained a positive attitude and treated everyone with respect while ensuring that my business was protected. All parties were able to walk away from this without any hard feelings.

An Attorney, and a Genuine Person
When my son needed an attorney, I wasn't sure where to turn. When he introduced me to Mr. Weeden, I understood why my son excluded all of the other attorneys, insisting on Mr. Weeden. Jeff Weeden has a good 'bed side manner'. He is optimistic, without leading us into false hopes. He insists that we read and inform ourselves of all the documents — and possibilities, pertaining to the outcome of the case at hand. I appreciate the time, focus and the effort that Jeff Weeden put into my son's case. He is an attorney that is also a real person. I would recommend, as well as use Jeff Weeden if I should ever need to.

Amazingly caring and passionate lawyer
I found Jeff through a local friend when my sister needed legal help, and as her family, we were completely helpless being a considerable distance away. It was a painful ordeal for our entire family, especially for my sister who was scared and had no idea how to fix her situation. The end result — Jeff was completely able to "fix" her problem — that was the most important thing and the reason we retained his services. But beyond the satisfaction of the end result, he was so incredibly kind, patient and caring toward my sister. She was very vulnerable and fearful after what happened to her. I knew she was in good hands as Jeff felt more like a family friend, than just a lawyer. In general, people like this are hard to find....but these qualities are even more appreciated when seeking help with legal counsel. I highly, highly recommend Jeff.

An Anonymous Avvo User

Mr. Weeden was a Great Help!
Mr. Weeden responded to my email immediately. He understood the problem with the summons and said he would try to talk to the clerks in the courthouse, I'm in Texas and he is in Denver. He did that and avoided having to show up in front of the judge. I was able to pay the fine online. I would recommend him highly.

— Andrew

Right on point.
Jeff did an excellent job handling a very delicate matter for my business. His legal advice was quick and right on point. He was able to maintain a level of respect and courtesy to all parties involved while firmly ensuring that my best interests were upheld.

— Joe

Honest Lawyer.
I heard about Jeffery from a friend of mine that used to work for him. I hired him on as my lawyer for a divorce. He was competent and took care of everything I needed in a very timely manner. He's a very straightforward person and a very honest and intelligent lawyer as my case did get messy. I will definitely recommend him to everyone I know needing a lawyer and I will be hiring him again if I ever need to.

— Kristen, a Divorce Client

Shell Shocked!
Hiring Jeffery Weeden as my lawyer was the absolute best legal decision I have ever made. From the beginning he took an interest in my case and kept me up on all the details and was straightforward with me on everything I might not have want to hear so I wasn't blindsided by it later in court, which is what you want in a great lawyer. I was facing multiple drug felony charges and he got it down to a single misdemeanor charge and very little probation time and I did had prior charges, which makes it especially difficult to get new felony charges down to misdemeanors. I remember walking out of the courtroom shell shocked at how well it went. The results that Jeffery Weeden got me were so far beyond my expectations I'm still having a hard time believing it went so great. I owe him so much for getting me out of the felony charges which allowed me to continue staying in college. Anyone reading this must give him a call right away. He has proven to me that he is without a doubt the absolute best in the business. Make the right decision and call Jeffery Weeden now!!

— A Review from Avvo

The best lawyer (friend) anyone could know.
Jeff is the most warmhearted lawyer I have ever met who still remembers that his clients come first. He is compassionate, funny and made sure we were always comfortable even when times were tough. He kept pursuing our case to final resolution after we had lost all hope in the justice system. He never stopped fighting for us and came up with a resolution better than anyone could hope for. He is very knowledgeable, very easy to talk to, and he can explain the lawyer talk into terms that anyone could understand. We truly felt like he was one of our lifelong friends arguing our case. We are incredibly blessed to have found Jeff and that he was able to fight for a tremendous outcome. Thank you Jeff!

~ J.P.

Excellent lawyer and person
I went to Mr. Weeden after I personally filed a petition to seal a charge on my record. The judge not only denied my petition but also stated that any future petitions would also most likely be denied. After meeting with Jeff he prepared and filed an exceptional petition to seal. I was still a bit worried because of what the judge stated in my original petition, so imagine my excitement when Jeff personally called me to tell me my petition had been granted. I no longer had to worry about not getting a job because of a mistake I had made when I was young. I am so grateful for everything Mr. Weeden has done for me.

~ A.C.

Jeff is fantastic!
I would recommend Jeff [at WeedenLaw] hands down to anyone seeking legal counsel. He is extremely knowledgeable and hasn't lost sight of what the law stands for – not to mention his great comic relief! I believe justice was served in my case and I couldn't have done it without Jeff. I am truly grateful.

~ N.H.

My case went great and Jeff took care of me along every step!!
For being younger and not one to get in trouble I was terrified of what had happened to me. When I hired Jeff I didn't know what to expect or anything out of a lawyer. As things progressed Jeff fought for me the whole way. We had trouble contacting the DA, but that didn't stop Jeff he kept writing and doing it in a professional way for he was constant but not annoying to the DA. In the end Jeff did everything I needed and wanted out of him. He consulted me along the whole way and made sure I was comfortable with what was going on. When I called asking for advice he always had great advice and seemed to actually care about my well-being also. With my family being a big thing in my life and who were also on my side through this whole thing Jeff worked hand in hand with my mother along the way making her feel part of the loop and also consulting with some other family members. Hopping this is my last encounter with the law I couldn't of chosen a better lawyer to fight on my side for the time I did have. Even to know he is always there to answer questions and checking up on me. Thanks Jeff!!

~ C.P.

Superb, ethical lawyer with the client's best interests at heart.
Frankly, I employed Mr. Weeden [at WeedenLaw] based on a recommendation from a Law Enforcement Officer – a telling example of the respect he has earned in his community. Honest, ethical, and personable, Mr. Weeden provided superb service to this client. I was very impressed by his professionalism, attention to detail, knowledge of the law, and, most importantly, his sincere interest in serving his client.

~ C.T.

I will be eternally grateful for his help.
Having never needed a Criminal Lawyer before I didn't know where to go. Jeff was referred to us through a mutual friend. Not only did Jeff take the time to comfort a very frightened mother but he also took the time on a holiday to check on my son. Jeff was upfront and honest throughout this whole stressful process as to what to expect. He always had the time to answer questions or give explanations no matter how trivial they seemed. Jeff and all of the staff at his office were friendly, compassionate and helpful. I will be eternally grateful for his help. Hopefully we won't but if I were to need a lawyer Jeff would be the person I would call! Thank you for everything we will be eternally grateful. I will always recommend Jeff and his office to anyone I know that needs compassionate but honest help!

~ Mother of a client

Legal mumbo jumbo in plain English.
When I first met Jeff, I knew he was the lawyer for me. He knew his stuff, was compassionate and put me totally at ease. He has a wonderful way of explaining all the legal mumbo jumbo in plain English and I knew he would go to bat for me and get the results I was hoping for. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing legal assistance!

Attorney Jeff Weeden is outstanding.
He is genuinely thoughtful and caring with his clients. His talent and desire to be an advocate for those he represents is shown by his zealous work. Among his peers he is highly respected, since he has earned it with his integrity and professionalism. I strongly endorse him and would recommend his representation for any client looking for the best attorney.

Mr. Weeden is an exemplary attorney.
I would refer anyone and everyone to him on a regular basis. Despite the fact that I have been a judge, magistrate, prosecutor, and private attorney for over 24 years, I continue to learn from him daily from his Avvo posts. I would recommend that you hire him in an instant.

~ Fellow Attorney

Jeffery L. Weeden is an outstanding attorney.
He is compassionate, with a truly unique ability to establish rapport, show empathy and connect with his clients from a wide array of backgrounds. In his communication with clients there is genuine thoughtfulness and a conscience attention to their needs. Extremely talented and intelligent individual in the legal field, holding an excellent reputation as a first rate attorney and highly respected among his peers. He has a strong reputation because he has earned the respect of those he comes in contact with in his law practice. Due to his professionalism, high integrity and determination to be a zealous advocate for his clients, I strongly endorse and would recommend him to anyone looking for the best attorney.

~ B.C.

He pushed to an outcome well beyond our expectations.
Jeff is very compassionate and found ways to make us laugh or feel comfortable even when we were scared or emotionally drained. He is very knowledgeable, funny, and attentive. He kept fighting for us even when we lost all hope in the justice system. When we found a slight issue with our original sentence he went back to argue a second time and he pushed to an outcome well beyond our expectations, even better than the first due to our circumstances. Thank you Jeff!

I greatly appreciate his ethical hard work and dedication.
Jeffery Weeden has done an amazing job in reaching out, listening, providing solid advice and helping me. I enjoy his upbeat personality, and also his ability to demonstrate his commitment to excellence and integrity in his work. Mr. Weeden has exceeded my expectations and I greatly appreciate his ethical hard work and dedication.

I was framed! (Bet you've heard that a million times)
I thought my life was ruined as far as my career was considered. I called several lawyers, and got the old "You can't do that, or you're outa luck." routine from ALL of them. I called Jeffery, and he said, "Try this and see what happens." Well, I tried it and it worked. Not only did Jeffery give GREAT advise, he gave me the Strength and Motivation to Fight for what I wanted. He never told me something wouldn't work, or I couldn't do that. Jeffery helped me get my beloved career back, and has ensured the happiness and well-being of me and my children. I am forever grateful for his time and his Go Get It kick in the pants he gave me. AMAZING human being. All lawyers should be molded after this Rock Star! Thank you SO VERY MUCH for returning to me a life and career I cherish. I LOVE YOU MAN!

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